Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Steel Door/Sandwich Panel Door
Transport Package
Bubble Foil and Plywood Based on Client Requireme
Henan, China
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Product Description

Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp

Khome is a professional direct manufacture for the container house with decades of years of experience. Every component is manufactured by us.

K-type prefab camp is a kind of modern modular steel structure building, compared with traditional buildings, a prefabricated sandwich panel house is more convenient and fast.
1. Reassuring structure: The light steel and flexible structure system are safe and reliable, can fulfill the standard requirement of architectural construction design.
2. Easy dismounting: The house can be repeatable disassemble with simple tools. Each person can fix 20-30m2 a day. 6 people can finish a standard 3K*10K prefabricated house in 2 days.
3. Decorative appearance: The house is artistic, bright, and clear.
4. Flexible layout: The door and window can be set up at any side. The indoor partition can be set up at any transverse axis position
5. Waterproof: The material and rigorous design with waterproof.
6. Long service life: The light steel is all painted with anti-corrosion lacquer. With a general service life of over 10 years
7. Green: The material can be used repeatably and the cost is much lower than another comparable house.
8. Varied specifications: The house is in standard pendant, the length and width are marked K as a module. (Note: 1K=1820mm). The transverse size is MK=160, endwise size is NK=160
Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp
Project Show
Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp
Inside Show
Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp
Prefab Sandwich Panel House Structure
Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp
Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp
No. Width Length Height
1 3K nK 3P 6P 9P
2 4K nK 3P 6P 9P
3 5K nK 3P 6P  
Note : K = 1820mm, P = 950mm n: can be customized
Installation Steps
1.Measure the size (inner width 5.46m), put the ground beam by expansion screw.
2.Install the column and floor beam.
3.Install the outside wall panel of the first floor and Mgo plate and stairs of the second floor.
4.Install the purlin and surrounding beam.
5.Install the doors, windows, and roof panel.
Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp
Product Materials
Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp
1.Easily assemble and disassemble.
2.Conveniently Transport.
3.Simple terrain requirements, can be located in hillsides, hills, grasslands, deserts, riversides.
4.The K-Type prefab house is durable and stable, and also with good thermal insulation performance.
5.Its design can be customized, with an exquisite and elegant appearance.
6.Most components of the prefab house are completed in the factory, the site assembly is convenient and fast.
Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp
Company Profile
Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp
Henan K-home Steel Structure Co., Ltd is located in Xinxiang, Henan Province. It is a self-operating private enterprise, established in the year 2007, registered capital of RMB 20 million, covers an area of 100,000.00 square meters with 260 employees. We are engaged in the design, project budget, fabrication, installation of steel structure and sandwich panels with second-grade general contracting qualification. Our main products covered sandwich panels, OEM prefab house, container house, construction material, light steel structure house, light steel villa, non-standard design house, steel structure projects, and installation service.
Packing and Delivery
Prefab Outdoor Office Prefabricated Construction Labour Camp
1. How to install the houses in the site?
We can offer you three type of insisting on the installation:
1.1 : We can offer you the manual include the photos and drawings, or some videos for help you on the installation. And you will organize the local people to install it. 93% of our clients finished their houses in this way.
1.2: We can send our people to your site to guide your people to install. Or send team people (3-5 people) to your site to install for you. This way is the easiest way, but you need to pay for their round-way tickets, local food, accommodation, transportation, communication and salary, and also their security on the site. Almost 5% of our clients choose this way. And in the normal, we will require the order should be more than 100000USD.
1.3: You can send your people (engineers or the technician) to our company to study the installation details. 2% of our clients choose this way for their orders.
2. The advantage of the prefab house.
2.1: Recycle using: you can assemble it in site A, then disassemble and install it again on site B, then site C. In such a way, there is no industrial rubbish after you finish the jobs on the site.
2.2: Low cost. The steel structure is much lower in cost than the traditional building.
2.3: Quickly installation. In the normal, 6 skilled person team can install 150 sq.m house every day.
2.4: safety: the prefab house can resistance a 7-grade earthquake and 100km/H wind.
3. The mainly use of the prefab house:
In the normal, it's mainly used as a temporary building in the site, such as temporary office, labor accommodation, etc. And in recent years, the prefab house is largely used in resettlement housing in some disaster areas. In 2008, it played a major role in resettling the victims after the terrible earthquake on 12th, May 2008.
4. How to maintain your prefab house?
4.1: First of all, when the prefab house is installed, it's better not to make any other changes, like an expansion, adding partitions or cutting down the walls, or removing screws, and so on.
4.2: Made the re-paint every 1-2 years after you install it. Such a way can increase its service life and keep it beautiful.
4.3: Finally, do not tie the wire to the prefab house, which will lead to the prefab house uneven force and easily cause electric shock accident.
5. How to prepare the foundation for the K-style prefab house?
In the normal, we will offer you the foundation drawing to prepare the foundation. In the normal, the K-style house is the strip foundation.
6. How much flooring can the K-style prefab house build?
In the normal, we will suggest you do the K style prefab house on 1 floor or 2 floors. And the highest one is 3 floors if you need it. And will suggest you not build the house more than 3 floors by K style house. If you want to build the house on more than 3 floors you better choose the design of T house design supported by the H shape steel
By the way, if you want to layout the toilet room in the K-style prefab house, you'd better made it on the ground floor for the waterproofing.
7. The materials option for the thermal insulation:
We have 3 materials for your option:
They are EPS sandwich panel, glass wool sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel, PU (polyurethane) sandwich panel.

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